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It is a problem if the public can't access the citywide network. There is a need for preemptive measures to ensure that services are accessible at all time.

Trading Platforms

Analysts need updates within seconds to keep making money. Frequent monitoring is a must-have for companies in this field.


A transaction blocks due to server issues can cause problems. But synthetic monitoring can monitor for financial irregularities.


Being able to predict and adjust your service for peak traffic is why you need a good monitoring system.


Performance, availability, and security need monitoring because if gamers can't game, then gaming companies can't make money.

Public Services

Public services must maintain availability. If service is unavailable at any point, it can have devastating consequences.

Content Publishers And Aggregators (B2B & B2C)

Content publishers provide services to many customers. Monitoring will let you to check for network issues and guarantee a great user experience.


Network administrators can more easily update systems and make adjustments to their eLearning systems.


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