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Increase Efficiency with Foresight Synthetic Monitoring

Accelerate Coding Speed

In one case study, it took 13 hours to develop the source code for one monitoring scenario. With Foresight, it took 4.5 hours.

Resources Optimization

Foresight is accessible to even entry-level coders, so users can focus on system development instead of monitoring.

Increase Cost Efficiency

Cut costs on Software and Management by 50%, using Foresight instead of having a dedicated programming specialist.

Automate your IT Service Monitoring

Business-critical operations need to be available at all times.

With Foresight, users can monitor customer actions over multiple journeys and devices, including desktop, mobile, and others, while decreasing labor and overhead costs.

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Codeless Synthetic Monitoring

Web journeys and RESTful API monitoring

Foresight is an integrated framework specifically designed to transform businesses use IT systems. It can perpetually monitor product quality in both Web and RESTful API.

  • Web Journey (Scenarios)
  • Request Header Validation
  • Web UI & Elements
  • Data Validation
  • Dynamic Parameters
  •  Multiple API Requests
  • Retrys on Errors
  • Response Time Checking

Record & Play back Extension (RPEx Tool)

Effective customer journey mapping requires granular monitoring and analysis. Foresight RPEx reduces the level of effort needed.

  • Automatically record UI actions through browser activities
  • Flexible scenario execution for both multiple and stand-alone cases
  • Set breakpoints to debug specific incidents
  • Import & Export Functionality

Flexible To Setup:

Schedules & Agents

Minimal programming experience is needed to monitor the customer journey experience. Foresight can support multiple agents, multiple regions, and is flexible enough for use across different operational environments.

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Maintenance Time
  • Agents (Web/App Runners)
  • Agent Pools

Internal and External Reports

Foresight supports reviewing metrics such as performance, availability, request & response, errors, etc. both internal and external reporting services:

  • In App Report
  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana
  • Victoria Metric

Expose REST API & Integration Documents

Foresight lets product owners make their own monitoring checkpoints and proactively appraise their apps through external API interactions.

Improve Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Overhead

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